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8 tips to protect your car brakes from malfunctions and damage

The brake system is one of the most important and most important safety and security factors in cars, as it is primarily responsible for reducing and stopping the car, and if this important system is exposed to malfunctions, it causes a great threat to the security and safety of passengers, and exposes the car to the risk of accidents.
Despite the great importance of the brake system, many motorists neglect its maintenance and make some common mistakes towards it, which helps to quickly damage the brakes, so today we offer you a number of tips on how to properly deal with the brakes and extend their life.

1- In the event of driving on slopes, you must not press the brake pedal continuously and repeatedly, and drive at slow speeds.
2- While driving on the roads, you must leave a sufficient distance between your car and the car in front so that you do not have to repeatedly apply the brakes.
3- When approaching traffic lights or curves, do not push hard and then apply force on the brakes when approaching the signals.
4- It is also necessary when you connect the wheels of your car to move from one bolt to another in a sequential manner, which helps in fixing the wheel in an excellent way, this is very important because it stops the car without the brakes bearing much pressure.
5- Check the brake fluid periodically to make sure that there is no leakage, which shows the integrity of the brake system.
6- The brake pads, like any part in the car, have a shelf life, so the brake pads must be changed if they are damaged or the lifespan has expired.
7- Do not pour water on the brakes of the car if it is overheated, so as not to cause the brake discs to warp.
8- Do not turn the brake discs more than once if they are exposed to warping, so as not to endanger the brake system.