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Certified by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents

Can the customer object to the assessment results?

The Cartech Center for Vehicle Damage Assessment is committed to the professional controls and standards of the assessment centers, as it allows the customer to review the assessment and discuss the assessment with the evaluator about the specifications of the repair and assessment of the vehicle. http://taqdeer.sa/ or call Taqdeer customer service at (920000460).

Who has the right to object:
• The owner of the vehicle or his representative.
• The party responsible for the compensation or his representative.

When to object:
• When the vehicle’s appearance differs from the photos of the accident and the resulting decisions that lead to objection.
• In the event that any party is not satisfied with the results of the evaluation (spare parts – repair fees).
• In the event that the vehicle was calculated as a total loss or not.
• In the event of an objection to determining the dimensions of the accident and the damaged parts.
• Delay in issuing the report.
• Objection to the valuation of the market vehicle value before and after (exhibitions).