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Cartech application form for car damage estimation in Saudi Arabia

Cartech application form for car damage estimation in Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most important electronic applications made available by the Saudi government to car owners. The importance of the application lies in providing services to estimate the damage caused to the car after a traffic accident and taking the necessary measures to repair it.

What is the accident grading system?
Getting acquainted with the application form for car damage estimation of cars in Saudi Arabia begins with a reference to the Taqdeer program for identifying the damages that occur to cars as a result of accidents and how to report them. The program covers all authorities concerned with traffic accidents, which facilitates obtaining accident compensation. Estimating a set of services that depend on a set of controls, which are as follows:
A comprehensive coverage system is available to connect all traffic sectors.
Providing many centers spread throughout the Kingdom, which have been designed according to the latest specifications that enable it to provide an inventory and comprehensive assessment of the damages to cars after accidents.
Providing the best technical cadres capable of providing all means of support to car owners.
Appreciation centers have accredited professional licenses, which allows for the guarantee of obtaining the highest levels of service.

The form for obtaining an estimation service includes adding a set of data about the car by entering the link for the estimation service “from here”.