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Common mistakes that harm your car when maintaining it yourself, beware of them

Recently, many videos of car maintenance education have spread on YouTube and social networking sites, which encouraged many motorists to carry out maintenance operations for their car themselves without resorting to maintenance centers, in order not to waste a lot of time, effort and money.

But car maintenance at home resulted in some errors that may lead to damage to your car over time, which we review in the following lines.

1) Pouring oils and liquids the wrong way

Due to the inefficiency of car drivers to carry out maintenance work, when pouring different oils such as engine oil, brakes and power, some of it falls on the car body, causing many damages to the car as a result of drying out the oils and accumulating dust and dirt on them, which leads to clogging some parts of the engine The car, and the amount of oil is less than the normal limit.

2) Replace unsuitable parts

Before carrying out maintenance, you must review the car’s manual or consult a technician before purchasing spare parts for your car, so as not to replace inappropriate or identical parts, which may lead to a defect in the work of this part.

3) Not changing the car filters regularly

As a result of not being fully aware of the life span of each filter or saving money, motorists do not change filters on time, such as the oil filter or fuel filter, which may cause engine failures.

4) Using inappropriate tools

Using the wrong tools when servicing the car leads to damage to the head of the nails or screws, and therefore the driver will not be able to not tighten them again, or disassemble them for maintenance again.

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