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Comprehensive insurance procedures after estimating the accident

Before we separate the words with regard to comprehensive insurance procedures after estimating accidents, the basic rule in the Saudi traffic system requires that you contact, as soon as you have an accident – God forbid – with a “star” if you have insurance, and with traffic if you do not have insurance.

Before assessing accidents, the most important procedures for reporting an accident
Before conducting an accident assessment, and if you have insurance, and even if the second party does not have insurance, you can follow the following steps in case of a traffic accident – God forbid –

  1. Contact Najm, or submit a report through the Najm application, for easy determination of the location of the accident.
  2. Get the report notification that includes the auto estimate request and the insurance company claim.
  3. Go to the Cartec Center (Estimation), as this center is characterized by its easy and quick procedures in photographing and examining the car and completing the assessment process, and then stamping the repair paper that you received from Najm.

Visit the compensation center of the insurance company after conducting the accident assessment
The next step is to visit the compensation center for the insurance company, in order to submit an estimate sheet, submit the bank account data and obtain written approval to repair the car, and then receive the compensation amount.

It is worth noting that comprehensive insurance is obligated to compensate the third party affected by the accident in accordance with the terms and conditions approved in the insurance policy, so many prefer to deal with specialized law firms to supervise all the steps and procedures mentioned previously, through dealing with an assessment system and even receiving the appropriate compensation.

One of the advantages of comprehensive insurance is that in the event that the accident results in a complete loss of the car, the company provides the affected person with compensation for the full value of the car in accordance with the conditions contained in the insurance policy, after visiting the Kartik assessment center and completing its procedures.