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What are the advantages and disadvantages of “cruise control” in the car?

Cruise control is one of the modern systems in cars that help provide the driver with comfort while driving, especially when traveling. Some international car companies offer cruise control as a standard in their cars, while other companies offer it within the packages of additional equipment.

Despite the importance of cruise control and its many advantages, it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.

Through the following report, it is possible to identify the most prominent advantages of cruise control and the risks of using it in the wrong way:

First – the advantages:
Providing comfort to the driver while driving, especially when driving long distances

  • Reducing the fuel consumption of the car
    Reducing emissions from exhaust, which reduces environmental pollution
    Long-term maintenance of the car
  • Reducing the commission of traffic violations, as the cruise control works not to exceed the prescribed speeds according to the road.

Second – defects:
If you feel tired and exhausted, it is advised not to use it, as it helps you sleep while driving.

  • Be careful on strong curves if installed at high speeds, as the operation of this system leads to slow and obstruction of the brake system.
  • The cruise control system may malfunction in very rare cases, putting the driver and passengers at risk.
    Avoid using this feature on wet or unpaved roads, in order to avoid slips or misalignment of the steering wheel.