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Does driving fast on curves cause the car to roll over?

Car rollover is considered a serious accident, with which the rate of serious injuries and death for the driver and passengers increases, and longer and narrower cars, such as SUVs, are more vulnerable to this type of accident.

The car turns over for several reasons, the most prominent of which is excessive speed in the curves, and although a normal car can overturn, but SUVs and four-wheel drive cars remain more vulnerable to overturning because of their high center of gravity, which plays a major role in the stability of any car.

Among the other reasons that may cause cars to overturn are sudden maneuvering on the road to avoid collision, crashing into the guardrail, hitting the pavement, tripping the tires with a side obstacle, tire explosion, and side skidding of the car.

Modifying the car can also cause the risk of tipping over, such as lifting it more or placing heavy equipment and accessories on its roof, as well as unparallel loading can cause it to tip over.