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Driving on the “shoulders of the road” is a risk..and this is its punishment

The official account of the Special Forces for Road Security in the Kingdom, via Twitter, appealed to motorists to adhere to traffic instructions and regulations while driving to avoid road hazards.
And the road security forces, through an infographic published on Twitter, warned against driving on the shoulders of the road, indicating that it is not intended for driving, but is intended for the emergency stop of cars on the road, and is not a path for overtaking.

The “Road Security” stressed the danger of reckless driving by some drivers on the shoulders of the road, and the consequent possibility of traffic accidents and traffic confusion, and stressed that whoever does such an act will be held accountable.

It is worth noting that the General Traffic Department had warned earlier, through its official account on Twitter, against driving on the shoulders of the road, stressing that it is a traffic violation, in order to endanger the safety of the driver and the safety of others.