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Certified by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents

How is car accident damage estimation done?

The Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents has launched an appraisal program, with the aim of simplifying procedures for those affected by traffic accidents by developing and regulating the profession of vehicle appraisal.
It is noteworthy that the Kartek Center is one of the approved centers to provide assessment services, and it operates in accordance with the controls and procedures approved by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents. Upon receiving the damaged vehicle, the case number is inquired, matching the vehicle specifications and the location of the damage, then recording the customer’s data and then diverting the vehicle to the designated track to be performed Inspection by the resident and extracting the estimate by determining the parts and wage costs, and to complete that, the customer pays the fees and the vehicle goes to the delivery stage, where the content of the estimate is explained to him and directed to the next stage, whether reviewing traffic or insurance companies.