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Important tips for drivers to ensure the highest levels of safety

In light of preparations for the return of life to normal and the easing of precautionary measures for the Corona virus, these are some important tips for drivers to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance of their vehicles on the road.

While everyone takes the necessary preventive measures when leaving homes by wearing protective masks and gloves while adhering to the rules of social separation, some measures must be taken to ensure the safety of vehicles before returning to driving them on the roads.

And these procedures include the following:
Checking the car tires to make sure they are safe
Car temperature check
Check the engine oil level using the special mark
Ensure that the warning lights in the dashboard are not lit
Ensure that the front and rear lights are working efficiently
Check the fluid level in the windshield wipers, making sure that there are no cracks in them
Check the car battery and make sure it is working efficiently

  • Inspect and adjust mirrors as needed