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Important tips for driving your car safely at night

Many motorists prefer not to drive at night, especially while traveling. This is due to the reduced visibility and age of some drivers, which threatens the safety and security of driving.
A recent study has revealed that car accidents are the number one cause of death in the Kingdom, and research indicates that driver drowsiness is one of the important causes of car accidents in the world, so today we offer you the most important tips that must be followed when driving at night.
It is preferable not to drive people who are taking medications at night except after consulting their physician, and there are some painkillers that have an effect on vision that should not be used while driving, as they work to narrow the pupils of the eye.
The driver should take enough time to sleep before driving to avoid feeling tired while driving, and it is preferable to have a cup of coffee before getting into the car.
– You must make sure that the headlights and taillights are well lit, and it is preferable to turn on the car lights an hour before sunset.
Clean the windshield well before moving in the car, as the accumulation of dust on the glass obscures vision while driving at night.
You must maintain a safe distance, and not drive at high speed, so as not to endanger your life and the lives of those with you.