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Important tips for safe driving at night

Many motorists prefer to travel at night, for many reasons, including being away from the intense heat of the sun and crowded roads, but there are also some factors that make traveling at night contain risks that may cause many accidents.
Experts pointed out that road accidents increase by 3 times at night than during the day, as a result of poor visibility and lack of lighting, especially in the case of poorly lit roads, in addition to the fact that some drivers may feel tired, drowsy and more distracted during the night.

Therefore, today we offer you a number of important tips for a safe driving away from dangers at night, as follows:
Turn on the headlights.
Drive carefully, as it is difficult to see pedestrians at night.
Use the low beam, unless it is necessary to use the high beam and then return to the low beam.
You must make sure that the glass and windows are clean for a clearer view.
Do not close the car windows completely to renew the air inside the cabin.
When a car is coming in the opposite direction to you, do not look at the car light directly, as this will impair your eyesight for a short time.
Get enough sleep and rest before driving for long periods at night.
If you feel drowsy while driving, park the car in a safe place and get some sleep.