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Learn about the important role of the headrest in accidents

The headrest is one of the most important parts of the interior of the car, and many motorists believe that it was made specifically for the comfort of the head while driving, which is of course a misconception!
As the head restraints protect the driver from injury in the neck area in the event of collisions, and if it is set in the wrong position, it may cause serious damage in the form of excessive tension of the cervical vertebrae or it may lead to a fracture of the neck.
Headrests have also been developed in modern car models to better perform their function in protecting the head and neck, and are known globally as “Active Head Restraint”.
Active head restraints rely on their ability to automatically propel themselves forward and upward in the event of an accident, to reduce the distance between the head and headrest and reduce impact trauma.
Noting that the active head restraints work only in rear accidents and are not available in all cars, but they can be added by contacting your car dealership.