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Learn about the most prominent car brake malfunctions and their causes

The brakes are one of the most important elements of safety and security in the car, as they are the main part responsible for reducing the speed and stopping the car in the event of any emergency situation while driving or when the driver needs it.
In the event that this important part is exposed to malfunctions, it causes a great threat to the security and safety of passengers, and exposes the vehicle to the risk of accidents.

Therefore, today we present to you the most prominent problems that the driver faces due to brake malfunctions and the reasons for their occurrence, in order to hurry up to fix these malfunctions before they worsen, and they are as follows:

The brakes are not able to slow down or stop the car

Usually, the main cause of this problem is the empty brake oil tank, due to a leak in one of the brake fluid cycle tubes. In this case, the car should not be driven at all, and a specialized technician should be called to repair it or send it to the nearest maintenance workshop to do the necessary work to repair it.

Brakes stiff or sluggish when applied

Some drivers, especially in old cars, suffer from hardening or stagnation of the brakes when pressing on them, and the driver is forced to press very hard and continuously to stop the car, and this problem is often due to a problem or malfunction in the brake pressure system or what is known as “servo”.

One tire stops before the other when the brakes are applied

This problem is felt by the driver when he wants to stop the car or reduce its speed while it is on the move. In the link leading to the tire that does not slow down.

And when this problem occurs, you must stop immediately to empty this air so that the brakes work properly, and the four tires respond to it.

Feeling of steering wheel shaking when pressing the brakes

The feeling of vibration in the steering wheel during braking, due to the presence of a dent in the brake disc (disc) or if it has been damaged.