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Learn the most prominent signs of shock absorber damage and its danger to the car

The “assist” shock absorber is one of the most important vital parts of the car suspension system, and it has many important functions, including maintaining the car’s balance and stability while driving on the road, which helps the comfort and safety of passengers and the driver.
If the shock absorber is damaged, it causes many problems for the car, the most prominent of which is the car’s imbalance when performing overtaking maneuvers, and the increase in the braking distance at high speeds.

Damage to this important part also negatively affects the functions of other auxiliary systems in the car, such as the anti-lock braking system ABS and the ESP system.

Given the extreme danger of shock absorber damage to the safety and security of the car, today we present to you the most prominent signs of shock absorber damage, which are as follows:
Vehicle malfunctions when performing overtaking maneuvers
Increased braking distance at high speeds
Rapid tire wear
Oil leakage under the car
Cracking sounds when driving on uneven roads
Reduced grip of the car on the road, which causes a decrease in the stability of the car when cornering
Increasing the yaw and braking distance, especially when there is aquaplaning
Steering wheel vibration and uneven tire wear

Experts advised that the shock absorbers should be checked and maintained after a distance of 80,000 km, and then this process should be repeated every 20,000 km.
(Source: Square Net)