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Ministry of Transport: The owner of the car is entitled to compensation if it is damaged due to roads

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics announced that the owner of a car that was damaged due to road excavations and problems has the right to receive compensation and report problems, as it clarified that he should communicate with traffic if the road is inside the city, but if it is outside the city, it is communicated with road security.

After that, a report is obtained for the accident, then the vehicle owner goes to the assessment center to estimate the cost of the vehicle damage, then he goes to the branch of the Ministry of Transport to which the road belongs. agricultural.

While not all roads fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, for example, roads within residential neighborhoods belong to the municipality, and some roads belong to the Royal Commission. In asphalt such as (pits, drop, cracks, ruts, slips).

The ministry indicated that the notification service does not include asphalting roads, but rather is limited to maintenance of the asphalt surface and road surveying, while it is necessary to go to the branch of the Ministry of Transport in the concerned area to request asphalting a dirt road and then request the transaction. It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Transport and Logistics Engineer Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser has launched the application of the unified call center 938, to receive reports, inquiries and suggestions from citizens.