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The dangers of using a mobile phone while driving

Many car accidents in recent years are caused by most drivers using the phone while driving, which reduces the degree of their focus on their main task, which is driving.. Many statistics came out to show the increase in accident rates related to talking on mobile phones, which made many traffic departments in the countries of the world impose Drivers should not use a mobile phone while driving. Legislations have been issued in many countries that criminalize this behavior and increase penalties for it.
Using the phone by holding it or by operating the headphones on the position of the loud sound. In both cases, the danger is one. The user of the phone may not always pay attention to road exits or to traffic lights on the sides of the road and other important matters while driving, and there is no doubt that the lack of focus in Driving The use of the phone causes a lot of problems when driving a car. Some believe that they are fully aware of what is happening around them when they are busy with the phone while driving, but in fact, according to one study, the busy phone misses a lot of the things surrounding it, and will not notice until it is too late and the occurrence of A big problem.
The use of a mobile phone violates many traffic rules while driving, for example, it can bypass many traffic lights without even noticing it, so people must be constantly educated about the importance of staying away from distractions, including using the phone while driving, and using a phone while driving increases the possibility of Accidents occur four times more than the normal situation, and in a study conducted at Harvard Institute it was proved that the use of the phone is responsible for 6% of traffic accidents, which result in large numbers of seriously injured people, in addition to the death of some people.