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The most important documents required in the steps of estimating accidents

Specialists advise that an accident assessment or a car assessment should be carried out in the event of a traffic accident – God forbid – because you can claim compensation for the damage to your car.

In this article, we detail the most important papers required in the accident assessment steps, which you must prepare before booking an assessment appointment and going to it.

What is the accident assessment program?
It is an integrated program that specializes in managing and organizing procedures for assessing and evaluating cars electronically, according to the best internationally approved standards.

Why is it important to visit an accident assessment center?
After you have had an accident, regardless of the type, percentage and cause of the error, you must visit your Kartik center, which is characterized by the ease of its procedures, as it consists of three steps:

  1. Reception of a beneficiary.
  2. Inspection and assessment of damages.
  3. Issuing the report and sending it electronically to the beneficiary to be able to send it to the insurance.

The most important documents required in the steps of estimating accidents
Before booking an assessment appointment and visiting the center, you must prepare all the following documents:

  1. Accident estimation report prepared by the direct authority of the accident, “Al-Morouf or Najm”, which includes: the insurance company’s claim, the vehicle’s repair paper and the accident estimation request.
  2. Pictures of the car damage.
  3. The vehicle ownership form.
  4. Driving license.
  5. The identity of the owner of the vehicle.
  6. The insurance policy.
  7. The bank account number of the car owner.

Also, the car must be located in the car assessment center with payment of the fees for the amount, which is estimated at 172.5 riyals.

It is worth noting that the beneficiary can request an assessment of accidents and raise a financial claim from his website, with an additional fee of 150 riyals in the event of minor damages, with the submission of a traffic license and an accident report extracted from the relevant official authorities.