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This is how you adjust your car mirrors correctly

Many motorists are not good at adjusting the mirrors in their cars, which exposes them to dangers on the road.

According to the German news agency, the German car expert, Carsten Rasbe, warned that the wrong adjustment of the car mirrors may result in risks to the life and safety of passengers.

Rasbeh explained that the mirrors should be adjusted to allow observing everything that is necessary in the vicinity of the car, noting that the first step in adjusting the mirrors begins with adjusting the seat correctly, after which the mirrors are adjusted so that they show the least possible dead angle on the side of the car.

The mirrors are adjusted to show a small part of the car and behind it the road and other road users, while it is preferable to use the interior mirror to see the field, which is located directly behind the car.

Rasbeh advises not to load luggage and bags in a way that obstructs the view through the interior mirror, stressing the need to repair damage to the mirror urgently; Driving a car without a mirror or with a damaged mirror leads to many dangers that threaten the lives of passengers.