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To avoid an accident.. Tips in the event of a tire blowout

If a car tire explodes suddenly while you are driving your cars, the wrong, confused or hasty handling may cause a disaster or a serious accident, and you must deal calmly and follow a number of tips until you get out of that dangerous situation without damage or accident, and in the lines We will answer the following question: What do you do when a car tire suddenly explodes?
Grip the steering wheel tightly to avoid derailment.
Be careful not to apply the brakes, as this step may cause the car to lose its balance and overturn.
Look ahead carefully and try to control yourself to regain control of the car, and try to reduce the speed of the car gradually by taking the foot off the gas pedal.
Remain on the right side of the road to avoid crashing into cars speeding on the left side.
-Choose a safety point on the road to stop after the car slows down and make sure the people accompanying you are safe, then turn on the emergency signal to warn the cars of your location and avoid collision.