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Tips to avoid dangerous blind spots while driving

Blind spots are one of the dangerous things to be wary of while driving a car on the roads, as they are the spaces on the sides of the car and it is difficult to see through the middle and side mirrors, and the danger of blind spots highlights the inability of the driver to see the cars coming from behind from these angles except After already skipping the car.
Recent studies from the German Driving Institute confirmed that changing lanes on the road while driving is the main cause of accidents, and that 12% of traffic accidents in the world occur due to blind spots.

In order to avoid falling into this problem, international car companies have supplied their new cars with many

Modern technologies and systems that monitor blind spots to warn the driver of them, including the installation of surround cameras and sensors on the rear sides of the car, and audio warning systems.
However, because many cars do not have modern technologies and systems to monitor blind spots, especially the old ones, today we offer you important tips to overcome the problem of blind spots while driving, which are as follows:

Adjusting the position of the driver’s seat
Before moving the car, the driver’s seat must be adjusted to allow him to look into the side and front mirrors properly.

Adjusting car mirrors
Before moving the car, the center and side mirrors must also be set correctly, so that it is easier for the driver to detect all blind spots around the car.

Installing a camera and a display screen
It is preferable to install a camera and screen to display the rear area of ​​the car instead of the traditional main cabin mirrors, to help the driver see all the cars coming from behind more clearly.

Don’t rely on mirrors only
Some drivers rely on looking at the three mirrors of the car only while driving, which is a mistake, especially when changing lanes, as the driver must turn to the side and back before deciding to leave the lane in which he is traveling.

Do not neglect the use of signs
Some drivers neglect to use car signals before turning or changing lanes, thinking that they see all sides of the car, which puts them at risk of accidents.