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Tips to follow when using child seats in a car

Child seats in cars differ according to the age and size of the child, as they protect them from any danger while they are traveling by car, in addition to ensuring their comfort.

But how is the seat installed? The seat for the child, who is not more than one year old, is placed at the back of the car in order to protect his head, and then it is placed in the usual traditional way; To secure the child against speed, brakes, bumps and bumpy roads.

The studies also indicated the guidelines that must be adhered to when using these seats:
Not using a seat that has been in use for more than 6 years for many reasons due to its validity and capabilities to control the child’s movement and stability on the highways.
The seat should not be placed in the front, and it must be placed in the back.
Do not use the car seat for purposes other than sitting, such as changing clothes, as this puts pressure on the child’s chest, which reduces the percentage of oxygen reaching it.
Do not leave the tension bands loose.
It is necessary to adjust the angle in which the child sits, according to the instructions on the seat.