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What about the mobile accident assessment, and what are its most important conditions?

The estimation of mobile accidents is among the services provided by the Kartik Center, and you can obtain this service in the event of a traffic accident – God forbid – with some conditions that will be clarified in the next lines.

The basic car estimation procedures to be followed after the occurrence of traffic accidents are to inform “Najm” or “Traffic” and then deal with the insurance company. The following are the most important documents required to be submitted to complete these procedures:

  1. Report issued by Najm or Traffic.
  2. The vehicle’s registration form.
  3. Financial fees that need to be paid based on the issued report.
  4. Pay the fees for estimating accidents, which are 150 Saudi riyals, and in some cases the estimates are transferred to the Sheikh of the exhibitions, and the required fees are 100 Saudi riyals.

After preparing the previous documents, and paying the required fees, the next procedure is to go to the insurance company if your opponent is insured, and you can go to the traffic if your opponent is not insured to get the appropriate compensation.

Why is the need to go to the sheikh of opposition in some cases?
In some cases – where car repairs are expensive – you are asked to go to the Sheikh of Al Maarouf to complete the car valuation process properly.

Mobile accident assessment service
The mobile accident estimation service is available to save your time and effort, as it is carried out electronically and according to the best international standards and standards, and aims to determine the damage of your car and calculate the cost of repairing it, including hand fees and necessary spare parts.

You can apply for the service through the Kartik center through the website or WhatsApp on the number (0112414088) to receive you wherever you are, provided that the damages are minor, with the fulfillment of the following requirements:

  1. A valid driving license.
  2. Accident report from the competent official authority.
  3. The presence of the owner of the damaged vehicle or its authorized representative.