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What is the secret of the different colors of sidewalks in Saudi Arabia

Pavement colors vary from country to country, and they are not random colors, but rather have symbols and meanings, and vehicles use them to designate parking spaces or designate areas for other uses.

And the General Directorate of Traffic in Saudi Arabia, through its official account on “Twitter”, specified that the colors of the sidewalks mean the following:
Yellow and black sidewalk: No parking
White and yellow sidewalk: Parking is strictly prohibited
White and blue pier: Passenger boarding and disembarking station
Black and white sidewalk: parking is allowed

This means that if the pavement is yellow and black or white and yellow, then you must not park so close to it that he will have to pay a fine ranging from 100 to 150 riyals with the possibility of impounding the car if the driver cannot be reached or does not respond.
Standing on the white and blue sidewalk is also unpleasant; Because it is not for private parking, which means that only the black and white sidewalk is available for you to park on.
It is noteworthy that the traffic department recently launched the “Basher” service, which allows any traffic officer to register the violation via a mobile device without the need to stop you if you are violating, provided that a message is sent via your smartphone within minutes to notify you of the mistake you made.