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Why are used tires dangerous to you and your car

Buying used tires for your car is a prohibited act in the Kingdom for a good reason. It is dangerous for you and the car.. Let’s remember that these four tires are the only component that constantly touches the ground.. The best modern safety systems are worthless if the tires are faulty.

One of the risks associated with buying used tires is that the history of these tires is not clear most of the time, are they well maintained and tuned? Can you bear hitting road pits? .. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the true condition of a used tire, because most of them are sold separately from the wheels, which makes it difficult to ascertain small leaks or hidden damages in tires.

Another important point is the age.. Even if the tire is in good condition, this does not mean that it is suitable for roads, as it is accepted by industry experts that the normal life of tires is 10 years, and if this barrier exceeds, it is important to change it due to the accumulation of environmental damage on it.

Finally, let us mention that technology is constantly evolving, which means that buying new tires with the latest developments is the best step to ensure the best protection for you and your car. maybe.