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Wrong driving behaviors to be avoided

Motorists commit many wrong behaviors and behaviors while driving on the road without realizing that they are endangering their lives through it after the behavior ends in a terrible traffic accident.

The worst behavior of some drivers while driving
Driving while feeling tired, exposes the driver and passengers to catastrophic results, especially with confirmation of reports that 13% of those who drive while feeling tired or exhausted are exposed to naps while driving.
Taking cold, allergy and cough medicines before or while driving exposes the car owner to a nap on the road, which puts his life at risk.
Not focusing on the highway, using the ends of the hands while driving, and neglecting steering wheel control.
The driver’s complete dependence on modern technologies and security and protection systems, which doubles the risk of accidents.
Using the phone for conversation, browsing social networking sites, or distracting the driver from the road and preoccupation with the information screen in the central control area of ​​the car.

  • Ignoring leaving a safe distance between vehicles, especially in crowded places, and overtaking vehicles recklessly without showing respect for the path of the road.
    Deliberately obstructing drivers when changing direction, especially those who have priority in turning and who gave a signal before turning.
  • Ignoring the seat belt, which puts his life and the lives of others at risk and doubles the risk of road accidents.