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Learn the main causes of tire wear

Tires are one of the most important parts consumed in the car, as they are the part responsible for carrying the entire weight of the car and passengers, and tires play an important role in maintaining a safe driving of the car, so they must be maintained and checked periodically to ensure that they are able to perform their job efficiently.
However, over time, tires may be exposed to wear and tear, due to their expiration date, lack of interest in them, or drivers committing some wrong behaviors while driving, which poses a serious threat to the safety of the car and passengers. Today, in the following lines, we present to you the most prominent reasons for the wear of car tires.

Neglecting to periodically adjust the tire air pressure, as the air inside the tire must be adjusted according to the pressure recommended by the car manufacturer and shown in the car brochure.
Loading the vehicle with heavy weights exceeding the maximum limit specified for the vehicle and tire.
Not paying attention to adjusting the tire angles correctly, which results in the difficulty of steering and controlling the car and affects its balance, and then the tire rotation resistance increases, and erosion of the tire surface occurs.
A problem with one of the parts of the suspension system, such as shock absorbers, steering arms, shears, etc.

  • Rough driving and sudden depressing of the brake pedal or sudden depressing of the accelerator pedal.
    Neglecting wheel alignment, as uneven wear occurs when the tire and wheel assembly is unbalanced.