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How long can you fix stone bumps on car windshields?

The windshield of the car sometimes gets hit by stones while driving, which may cause cracks in the glass, which poses a serious danger if it blocks the view in front of the driver. Should the entire windshield be changed in this case, or can it be repaired?

The German Technical Inspection Authority answered, saying that there are conditions that must be met for the possibility of repairing stone bumps on the windshield, which are the location of the impact and the size of the cracks in the glass.

The authority clarified that the stone strike can be repaired if it does not exceed the size of the thumb nail, that is, the diameter of the impact site is not more than 5 mm, and that it is not located in the field of vision of the driver of the car, so as not to have a negative impact on the clarity of vision and therefore the safety and safety of driving.

The Germans stressed the need to change the glass if the impact site of the stones is located in the area of ​​​​the camera built into the upper part of the glass in some modern models, since this place of impact will negatively affect the operation of the car’s optical systems.

In addition, the glass should be changed if the impact site of the stones is close to the edges of the glass.

Experts advised to keep the dent in a dry and clean condition, until it is repaired at a specialized center, using adhesive tape for windshields, and placing it on the damaged part immediately.